November 2021 Partner Newsletter

November 2021 Partner Newsletter

Author: michael.rojas
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Published date:  14 April 2022
New Feature! Carta Total Comp: Share a Band

Product Announcements

New Feature! Carta Total Comp: Share a Band

We’ve released an exciting new feature to the Carta Total Comp product that will allow you to share compensation data with your companies. Through this “Share-a-Band” tool, you will be able to pull salary and equity benchmarks for a specific role, level, and region, and then email that information to any recipient directly from the Carta platform. These benchmarks are built based on aggregated and anonymized dynamic compensation data from the more than 23k companies on the Carta platform and additional external sources.

Next time your portfolio company asks you how much they should pay their employees, you will easily be able to provide them with actionable recommendations! | Learn more

Investor-Led SAFEs

Following the rapid adoption of Carta’s automated SAFE financings feature for companies, we’re launching a new Investor-led SAFEs product aimed at helping investors save time and overhead while building their consolidated portfolio on Carta. The new automated workflow will allow investors to initiate new SAFE investments all in one place, where you can track statuses, collect company data, and more. 

If you’re interested in learning more, or if you want to sign up for early access, please reach out to us

QSBS Eligibility for Carta 409A Customers

Now, all Carta 409A customers including company admins, investors, and employees, get visibility into which certificates are eligible for QSBS tax treatment. This means all equity-holders will have more tax information on their equity so they can make better tax planning decisions. | Learn more


The latest Carta Liquidity Report is here!

2021 continues to be a banner year for venture capital activity as the demand for secondary transactions continues to grow from companies at all stages across the US. Year-to-date, Carta has completed more tender offers than in all of 2019 and 2020 combined!

Download our latest Q3 2021 Liquidity Report here to read more about Carta’s success in tender offers, and see how we have the expertise to help with your portfolio company’s next liquidity event! 

Private Market Liquidity is Gaining Momentum

There is a growing momentum in private market liquidity as companies recognize the need to return value to their employees. Carta’s mission is helping companies to not only create more owners but to increase their access to liquidity with CartaX. Read more here.

Carta Cross Disclosure for Section 4(a)(7) Transactions

Disclosure requirements for private liquidity events can be challenging for startups—and especially for their law firms. We designed a low-touch solution that helps make disclosure easier for Carta Cross auction issuers.

Programs & Enablement

Introducing the Carta Data Desk

We recently launched the Carta Data Desk, a new analytics tool aimed at helping founders, investors, and startup employees navigate the complex world of venture capital with more clarity. Through this tool, you will be able to get key insight on current market trends, valuations by industry, and more so you can provide guidance to your companies. | Explore the data

How Much Equity Should You Give Your First Ten Employees? 

Early-stage hiring tip: Your best sales candidates will likely have very different expectations for salary vs. equity than your best engineers do. We compiled 7 key factors for early-stage founders to consider when building a compensation package. Check out this blog post to learn more.

New Private Market Q3 Report

We’ve released a new report on the State of Private Markets for Q3 2021. Our data shows that the venture capital ecosystem has maintained the frenzied pace of the first half of 2021. In the full report, we dive into key trends including the spike in early stage deals, an increased interest in secondary liquidity, and which venture capital ecosystems are growing most quickly outside of the hubs in California and New York. | Learn more

Events & Webinars

Carta Equity Summit  |Dec 8, 2021from 11:00am-4:00pm PT

Join us at Carta Equity Summit, a free, virtual event gathering the brightest minds in venture and entrepreneurship around the need to expand access to equity ownership. This year, speakers will include Kirsten Green from Forerunner Ventures, Julie Bornstein from THE YES, and more! We’ll have conversations on the state of equity ownership, as well as panels on raising capital, investment trends, and inclusive innovation. | Register

Investor Services

Gift Tax Valuation Services

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our Gift Tax Valuation services. Along with all Carta Cap Table clients, we are now offering Gift Tax Valuations to GPs and LPs of Carta’s Fund Administration clients. Additionally, we are opening our Gift Tax Valuation services to any clients who have holdings in Bootstrapped or VC/PE backed C-Corporations. Reach out to for more information. | Learn more

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