The most recent, relevant, and reliable salary and equity data

Make responsible compensation decisions, stay on budget, and communicate the true value of your compensation packages.

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Get the right compensation data

See compensation bands relevant for any role in any region, built from the largest set of private market data.

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Build a sustainable comp strategy

Prevent overspend on salary or equity with proactive insights to spot pay discrepancies or retention issues.

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Grow using a single, trusted platform

Leverage the platform already trusted by your company and board for your cap table and employee option exercise.


Make compensation recommendations that keep you competitive using the most reliable private company data.


Show employees the full value of their compensation packages with the Total Rewards Statement.

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Confidently grow your team with international salary and equity comp data.


Gauntlet uses Carta Total Compensation to hire competitively in the surging Web3 industry.

Compensate with the most accurate insights