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raise a round
Founder resource center

How to raise a round

Fundraising is notoriously difficult, particularly for first-time founders. We break down the basics around how to raise a round.

asc 820

What is ASC 820?

ASC 820 offers guidance on how to value illiquid assets and stands for Accounting Standards Codification 820. Learn more.

what is equity management
Founder resource center

What is equity management?

Equity management is the process of creating and managing owners in your company. Learn more about what it involves and how Carta can help.

remote pitching
Founder resource center

7 tips for pitching VCs remotely

We talked to founders and VCs who have experience pitching—and taking pitches—from afar to get their expert tips on nailing remote pitches.

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Building Carta

How we improved Carta for corporations in Q2 2020

In Q2 2020, our R&D team focused on improving the equity admin and legal user experience, as well as enhancing our reporting capabilities. These changes will allow you to focus more on what you do best—scaling your business.

selling private company shares
Employee resource center

How do I sell my private company stock?

If your company hasn’t gone public yet, selling your private company stock can be tricky. It’s not impossible, though—learn more about your options.

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Free calibration tool for valuations

Carta has created a free calibration tool to estimate the changes in your portfolio companies’ values quickly and in bulk. Learn more and try it out.

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Why contractors deserve equity

As gig workers take on more and more of our economy’s essential services, from grocery and food delivery to transportation, it’s vital that we make it possible to extend equity to contractors.

harlem capital||||||||

How Harlem Capital invests in diversity

Harlem Capital is aiming to invest in 1,000 diverse founders in 20 years. We sat down with cofounders Jarrid and Henri to hear their story and what they’ve learned so far.

what to know about equity when leaving a company
Employee resource center

What to know about equity when you leave a company

If you’re leaving your company, you probably have a lot on your mind. But between finishing up projects, exchanging contact info with coworkers, and figuring out health insurance coverage, don’t forget to think about your equity. Here’s what you need to know.


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