How we work

Carta cares

September 10, 2018
Olivia Johnson

Carta’s culture is built on a single principle: always be helpful. We encourage our engineers to help each other solve challenging problems and our account managers to go the extra mile for customers. But it doesn’t and shouldn’t end inside Carta’s walls. We aim to extend “always be helpful” to our neighbors and communities as well.

Starting day one, we encourage our new hires to immerse themselves in the local community. We want them to experience our values from the start, so all new hires have the opportunity to volunteer during their orientation. This is often the highlight of their onboarding experience.

Carta cares week

Twice a year, everyone at Carta works together to address a single social issue during Carta Cares Week. In a few weeks we will kick off our second Carta Cares Week, this time focused on education. Cartians will volunteer in local classrooms or after school programs, and host backpack and supply drives to support neighborhood teachers and children.

We’re proud we’re able to set aside two weeks per year to focus on social issues. But we know our diverse team is passionate about many kinds of social impact. Carta Cares Week is a great way for everyone at the company to work together, but we see it as one piece of the positive impact our employees can have in their communities. To ensure employees have time to dedicate to the causes they’re passionate about, every employee at Carta receives eight volunteer PTO hours, to support any nonprofit they believe in.

Our team makes our best-in-class platform and customer service possible. By creating a helpful and giving environment, we hope to positively influence not only our employees and customers, but also the communities around us.