Why choose Carta over Shareworks Startup Edition?

Carta easily scales with you from incorporation to IPO. Begin with our Starter plan, which includes issuing securities, cap table management, and 409A valuations. Your cap table will stay up to date as you scale, with less effort.

Carta vs. Shareworks Startup Edition

Compare Carata

Independent company

Shareworks Startup Edition is owned by Morgan Stanley. With a mission to change how private markets operate, Carta relentlessly innovates and provides the best equity management experience for your organization.


Leading 409a provider

With over 15,000 valuations completed, late-stage companies on Carta can be confident that our dedicated, in-house team of analysts will provide exceptional service and audit support when delivering a 409A valuation.


Easy to use

When you need to modify a security, you can easily update on your own without calling support. If you do need assistance though, Carta’s extensive and professional services staff is eager to help.

Trusted by over 28,000 companies & investors

We aren’t your average cap table provider. Carta is changing how private markets operate and we’re constantly improving our products and services. We’re the leading provider of 409A valuations and have over 28,000 companies on our platform.

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Capshare cap table vs. Carta cap table


Capshare cap table vs. Carta cap table

Advanced cap table management
With Carta, when you issue securities, your cap table updates automatically. On Shareworks Startup Edition, your cap table doesn’t always update automatically, which leaves room for human error and wastes time.

Capshare employee exercise vs. Carta employee exercise


Capshare employee exercise vs. Carta employee exercise

Employees can exercise options in-app

Employees love Carta—they can accept securities, exercise options, and view vesting progress from the web or our iOS app. On Shareworks Startup Edition, exercising is harder for admins and employees, who can only exercise manually.

Capshare compliance vs. Carta compliance


Capshare compliance vs. Carta compliance

Built-in compliance features

From 409A valuations, to Form 3921, ASC 718, and Rule 701 management, Carta helps you stay compliant all in one place. Because Carta stress tests cap tables for completeness accuracy, Carta can better leverage your data to help you meet compliance requirements such as needing a 409a valuation or 718 expense report.

Capshare scenario modeling vs. Carta scenario modeling


Capshare scenario modeling vs. Carta scenario modeling

Model your next round before you sign
We pull your existing cap table data into our scenario modeling tool, so it’s faster to model financings and exits. Our easy-to-use tools include sensitivity and breakpoint analysis, payout and dilution modeling, and pro forma cap tables.

Capshare tender offers vs. Carta tender offers


Capshare tender offers vs. Carta tender offers

Streamline tender offers & option exercising
Carta transacts $250 million+ in option exercises, repurchases, and tender offers per month. With Carta, your employees can exercise on web or mobile. And you can run a tender offer or custom liquidity program that will automatically update your cap table. Shareworks Startup Edition doesn’t support tender offers.Learn more about liquidity >

The better offer letter

At Carta, we spend a lot of time educating employees about private company equity. The best time to give equity information to employees is before they start, in their offer letter. Our offer letter template will better educate candidates on their equity.


Basic cap table management for pre-seed companies​

Talk to your lawyer about access to free basic cap table management for companies with up to 25 security holders and up to $1M raised.


Basic equity management for early-stage startups​

  • 409A Valuation
  • Cap table management
  • Board consents

Starter + additional compliance & planning features for growing companies

  • Everything in starter
  • Form 3921
  • Scenario modeling
  • Investor updates

Growth + integrations to streamline equity compensation at scale​

  • Everything in growth
  • ASC 718 expensing
  • Rule 701
  • Payroll tax integrations – Beta
  • Report builder
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