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409A Valuations

The leader in audit-ready 409As​

Our team has valued hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. Our analysts leverage proprietary software to deliver fast, cost-effective, accurate 409As.

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Why Carta?

Carta delivers over 15,000 409A valuations per year

409A + cap table management

With your cap table on Carta, we can quickly deliver 409A valuations. Get both for one low price, and access your equity data any time.

Work with experts

Our enterprise valuation team has led tens of thousands of valuations at KPMG, EY, Andersen Tax, Grant Thornton, Moss Adams, and more.

Save time and money

Our software and comprehensive industry data help us deliver accurate 409A valuations quickly and at a lower cost.

Trusted by over 28,000 Companies

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Stay under safe harbor year round

Required by IRS Section 409A

If your company offers options, you need a 409A valuation by an independent provider, like Carta. After your first 409A, we’ll deliver an updated report every year or every time you fundraise to keep you compliant.


With a Carta 409A valuation, you can take advantage of IRS safe harbor when you issue options to employees and advisors. We stand by our valuations and will support you in audits.

Learn more about why you need a 409A > 


Experts backed by technology

Proprietary technology and insights

Carta software leverages your cap table data and financial data imported from QuickBooks or Xero to improve the efficiency of our 409A analysts. As the leader in 409A valuations, we have more market insight than any other 409A provider, especially for niche industries, including biotech and crypto.

Team of experts

Our team of over 50 analysts have years of experience in valuations. For every valuation, there is a dedicated analyst working on your 409A valuation report. Our analysts are able to focus on making qualitative choices and serving you throughout the process.

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Transparent, efficient process

Understand our process

Transparency makes auditor conversations easier, turnaround times clear, and gives you a deeper understanding of why your business is valued the way it is. We break down our entire process from start to finish for every valuation.

Managed through the Carta platform

Every 409A valuation starts when you submit a request through the Carta platform. When the report is finished, you can review and approve it in the Carta platform. You can then download the report anytime from Carta.

Learn more about the Carta 409A process >

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What to look for in a 409A report

Download our sample 409A report to see what a complete 409A report looks like and help guide your evaluation of providers.

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Kick off the 409A valuation process today

409A valuations are included with any Carta plan. Learn more about our plans and pricing.