Scenario Modeling

Forecast with confidence

Plan for the future of your business with comprehensive modeling tools that help you understand the impact of fundraising and exits.


Consolidate your workflow

With your cap table on Carta, you can quickly explore different scenarios in a few clicks.


Test complex scenarios

Gain clarity and see several steps ahead by layering future financing rounds with waterfall modeling.


Lean on trusted insight

Carta’s breakpoint analysis results have been independently confirmed and validated by top audit firms.

Create pro forma cap tables in seconds

Build pro forma cap tables fast

Build pro forma cap tables fast

Model multiple financing rounds to understand the impact fundraising will have on your company’s capitalization structure.

See payouts for possible exit values

View potential payouts

View potential payouts

Input your exit value and non-convertible debt, and instantly determine the amount each share class will receive.

Dilution Impact

Visualize dilution impact

Visualize dilution impact

Leverage advanced scenario modeling tools to understand your potential post-money dilution, valuation, and outstanding options.

Model the future with Carta