Run liquidity events on Carta

Carta makes it easy for private companies to administer liquidity programs. Your employees and shareholders will thank you.

Why Carta liqudity?

Trusted to transact for private companies

Automatic cap table updates

Cap table automatically updates and reconciles after the transaction

Simple participant experience

Participants review offers, sign docs, and transact all through Carta.

No onboarding required

Reduce the administrative costs related to secondary transactions.

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Set up and track liquidity events

Simple set up

We pull data from your cap table, so you just need to add details of your transaction. We then make it easy for you to invite sellers participate through Carta.

Automatic cap table updates

When you run a liquidity event on Carta, your cap table automatically updates as soon as the transaction settles. With traditional providers, manual entry is required to update your cap table and process paper certificates.

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Help your employees unlock value

Shareholder-friendly experience

We designed the participant experience to make it easy for shareholders to understand the details of the transaction. Everything from reviewing the FAQ details, filling out desired indications of interest, and settling the transaction is completed on Carta, without paper or complicated forms.

Liquidity as an employee perk

With Carta, companies can reduce the administrative costs related to secondary transactions. Offering liquidity regularly can help companies recruit and retain top talent.

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We’re making liquidity more accessible than ever

We built the infrastructure to manage and value private assets. Now we’re building a market to transact on them. Join us in our mission to democratize access and liquidity to some of the world’s fastest growing assets.

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Equity management is the process of creating and managing owners in your company. Learn more about what it involves and how Carta can help.

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