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Prepare for IPO

Carta’s IPO Advisory team can guide you through the most important transition your company will ever make: going from private to public.

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Get expert support

Our experienced team has helped hundreds of companies successfully navigate the pre-IPO process.

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Ensure accuracy

We work with you to make sure your cap table is accurate, and all corporate actions have been handled.

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Stay nimble

Give your shareholders continuity and prepare your company for its next move through our trusted platform.

Guidance during growth milestones Carta

Your personal support team is here to help answer questions and provide pre-IPO best practices. They'll help manage your listing process in partnership with your management team, law firm, and any key advisors.

Portfolio company one-pagers Carta

Get support through every step of the pre-IPO process. Our team will develop a customized project plan, help you find the right transfer agent and admin, and create comms and educational plans for different shareholders.

Transfer agent UI Carta

Maintain control over your exit timeline and provide your shareholders consistency on Carta. When ready, we'll help you move data to your new plan admin and transfer agent and pull reports for your lawyers and auditors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Carta offer to late stage private companies?

Check out the Carta Handbook for Late-Stage Private Companies for a detailed overview of how Carta helps our late stage private companies.

How does Carta help companies prepare for an IPO?

We’ve put together an IPO Readiness Guide & Checklist that provides a detailed checklist of how Carta helps customers prepare for an IPO.

When should companies reach out to Carta about these services?

We encourage customers at all stages to reach out to learn more about the IPO process and transition, but ideally no later than 12-18 months out from their prospective IPO date.

Prepare for your IPO with Carta

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