IPO Advisory

Get end-to-end support on your road to an IPO

Prepare for listing day with guidance from an experienced IPO Advisory team.

IPO-ready, on your terms

Enlist a dedicated team
Work with advisors that have guided hundreds along the pre-IPO process.
Develop tailored strategies
Create a customized project plan based on the offering type.
Maintain data integrity
Ensure your cap table is clean, up-to-date, and accurate before listing day.

Seamlessly transition from private to public

Leverage solutions designed for companies that are 18-24 months from IPO.

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From that first confidential call, the IPO Advisory team will provide guidance and support with everything from general cap table readiness to insights that help identify your goals.

IPO Advisory UI | Product Page | "Create plans to meet your goals"

Your team will work with you to develop a customized roadmap to help you find the right transfer agent and plan admin. They will also assist in providing comms and educational resources for your shareholders.

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Set your timeline for transitioning to your new plan admin and transfer agent while maintaining a positive experience for key stakeholders—all from one platform.

Trusted by over 40,000 companies

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Carta provides a seamless transition for private issuers going through the IPO Process. We’ve worked together to build a best-in-class migration solution so their records are transferred quickly and easily, ensuring complete integrity of their data.
Caitlin Van Valin
EVP, Sales, Odyssey Trust Company


You have questions, we have resources and answers.
Is IPO Advisory only for Carta customers?

Yes, having your cap table on Carta is essential to the IPO Advisory service. You can learn more about pricing and plans here .

What services does Carta offer to late-stage private companies?

Discover the services and solutions that Carta can provide check in this handbook for late-stage private companies here .

What should my company be considering for an IPO?

Companies planning to IPO should consider several factors, like vendor selections,drafting the S-1 and audit diligence, to name a few.

This can be overwhelming—which is why Carta offers a bundle of IPO readiness reports to streamline the preparation required for audit and S-1 drafting into one download.

Learn more and access the bundle here .

When should companies reach out about IPO Advisory services?

We encourage customers at all stages to contact us to learn more about the IPO process and transition, but ideally no later than 12-18 months out from their prospective IPO date.

How can Carta help if the IPO is delayed?

Exit timelines can regularly shift. If your IPO is delayed, Carta allows your company to maintain its status as a private company until it is ready to go public.