Equity Advisory

Empower your team with equity tax education

Leverage real, actionable tax strategies from real experts to help your team make informed decisions on their equity compensation.

Help your team understand their equity compensation with advice on exercising and selling decisions, all from experienced Equity Tax Advisors.
  • Unlimited 1:1 equity education sessions
  • Review all equity grants
  • Understand the cost of exercising options
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Go beyond education with personalized strategies to help employees understand the value, cost, and tax implications of their equity.
  • Get insights on tax breaks and credits
  • Model tax scenarios for exercising or selling
  • Design equity plans that optimize tax benefits
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Give your team year-round access to on-demand educational resources on equity awards, vesting schedules, valuations, and more.
  • Tailored company-wide webinars
  • Access videos covering equity and tax basics
  • Reduce operational burden from your HR, finance, and legal team
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Meet your advisors

Available for unlimited 1:1 sessions, hosting company-wide webinars, and featured in our on-demand education.

See how simple it is to book a session with an Equity Tax Advisor.

Take an interactive tour

Employee support, backed by decades of experience

See why 1:1s with Carta’s Equity Tax Advisors receive an average 4.9 out of 5.0 Customer Satisfaction Score across 4,700 sessions.
Approachable tax expertise
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Get unlimited 1:1 sessions to ask quick questions or discuss complex scenarios.
Develop strategies
UI showing multiple scenarios for managing equity
Help your team understand the cost and tax implications of exercising options.
Company-wide education
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Set up webinars twice a year to walk your team through their equity awards.
Seamless scheduling
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Easily book sessions and receive key notifications through a Slack integration.
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You have questions, we have resources and answers.
Do I need to be a Carta customer to access Equity Advisory?

Yes. Equity Advisory is a subscription service that Carta offers cap table customers to educate their employees on equity basics and the tax implications of holding equity in a private company. Learn more about pricing and plans here .

What’s the difference between a tax advisor and a financial advisor?

A tax advisor helps with taxes, while a financial advisor helps manage or invest your money. A financial advisor can’t give tax advice, and a tax advisor can’t give financial advice—unless you’re working with someone who is credentialed as both. Learn more here .

Who is eligible for Equity Advisory?

Once you’ve signed up, your employees will automatically be able to book time with an Equity Tax Advisor—right from their existing Carta account.

How does Equity Advisory work with my cap table?

Equity Advisory is directly integrated with your cap table. The Equity Tax Advisors go into every session understanding each employee’s exact grant, strike price, and vesting status—along with accurate information about your company’s cap table and latest 409A valuation.

What other tax related services does Carta offer?

Optimize your equity tax benefit with QSBS. Carta's valuations team will determine QSBS eligibility, provide attestation letters, and develop personalized tax strategies for you and your employees. Learn more here