Carta Liquidity

Run controlled liquidity programs.

Carta helps you run stock buybacks and secondaries to provide liquidity for employees and shareholders.

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Company administrators

Eliminate manual entries by running liquidity events on Carta

Real-time seller table

Once you create your liquidity event, participants receive an invitation to place orders. Company adminsitrators can manage everything from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Set individual limits, edit orders, and track the status of every participant.

Automatic cap table updates

Running a liquidity program with traditional providers requires weeks of manual entry to update your cap table. When you run a liquidity event on Carta, your cap table is automatically updated as soon as the transaction settles.

Dedicated Transaction Manager

A Carta transaction manager will be assigned to help all parties involved from setup to settlement.

Form 1099-B

We automatically generate all copies of Form 1099-B for each seller in the transaction.

Liquidity 101

Have a Carta equity expert come on site to educate employees on liquidity basics.

Seller experience

Thrill shareholders with a great seller experience

Shareholder friendly

Educating employees on the intricacies of a liquidity event can be challenging. We've designed the seller experience to make it easy for sellers to understand the offer and place an order.

Order placement

Once participants accept their invitations they can review the offer documents and sign electronically. Orders are placed directly through their Carta potfolios.

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