Atom. Our new low-cost SPV.

Atom. Our new low-cost SPV.

Author: Andre Lopez
Read time:  2 minutes
Published date:  27 October 2022
Atom is our invitation to angels, syndicates, hobbyists or passion investors to join Vauban from Carta.


In 1981, travel to the depths of space would cost $65,000/kg, for a price of $1.7 billion per launch. Fast forward to 2022, and SpaceX's  Falcon Heavy was launching payloads for $1,500/kg and less than $100 million per launch: your vehicles don’t have to be expensive to change the world, and innovation drastically reduces the cost of launching your rocket. 

Launching Atom.

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Atom SPV ‍Over the past 2 years, we heard from angel communities wanting to collectively invest $30k - $200k tickets into startups. We appreciate that Angels invest their own capital to fuel entrepreneurs and we want to make sure their capital goes further into equity ownership rather than fees. 

Our continued mission is to make venture capital more accessible for more investors (and in alignment with  Carta’s “equity ownership for everyone” mission), we are releasing the most cost-effective way to set up angel syndicate deals. Angels are now equipped with the basic essentials in a SPV platform. 

Following our efforts to automate everything on the platform (we now hold the world record for the fastest end-to-end SPV process in 2h30!), we are excited to bring you our newest product, Atom. Atom SPVs are the best and most cost-effective solution for your investments under $200k. 

Atom is our invitation to angels, syndicates, hobbyists or passion investors to join Carta. From ‘first cheque in’ to your first $1bn fund, build your VC on the leading global platform.  

For $2,000+2% of the amount raised, you can now set up an Atom SPV on the platform. As usual, it includes everything: legal docs, banking and lifetime administration. Atom is currently available to UK and European investors.  

Lower fees, more deals, & more equity ownership in the best tech companies.

Launch an Atom SPV now!

Author: Andre Lopez