The next era of compensation management with Carta + Rippling

The next era of compensation management with Carta + Rippling

Author: The Carta Team
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Published date:  22 April 2024
Updated date:  22 April 2024
The deepened integration means that salary and equity benchmarks built from over 40,000 startups will be available at your fingertips.

Carta and Rippling have deepened our partnership to make leveraging equity and salary compensation data for startups even simpler. 

Two years ago, Carta and Rippling launched a first-of-its-kind integration that allowed our combined customers to seamlessly manage their equity and employee data within both platforms.  

Now, Rippling’s compensation bands tool is integrated with Carta Total Compensation—meaning that salary and equity benchmarks built from over 40,000 startups will be available at your fingertips. 

With the new integration, you will be able to: 

Leverage the world’s largest private-market database to build customized compensation bands

Carta Total Comp is the world’s largest private-market database for real-time salary and equity benchmarks. Now, you can leverage this information directly in Rippling’s HR and payroll tools. Create custom pay bands, right-sized for your budget and talent needs, with confidence.

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Benchmark by role, location, level, and company size

Hiring a staff engineer in San Francisco and a finance director in Salt Lake City for a company valued at $50M? Filter Carta Total Comp benchmarking data within Rippling by geographic location, job title, level, and company valuation for the most accurate market bands. 

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Spot overspend or underspend on employee compensation

Pull in Carta Total Comp benchmarking data alongside each of your employees’ current compensation packages to determine how their pay compares to market trends and your company’s compensation philosophy. Ensure your company retains talent while staying on track financially. 

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Ready to get started with Carta Total Comp and Rippling? 

With Carta Total Comp and Rippling, you can leverage the world’s largest private-market dataset to structure your compensation plan. Use data to hire and retain talent while meeting your company’s financial goals. 

If you are already using Carta Total Comp and Rippling, install the Carta Total Comp app for Rippling here. 

Using Carta for equity admin and Rippling for HR/payroll?
Sign up for Carta Total Comp here

If you aren’t using Carta or Rippling yet, you can learn more about Carta and Rippling.

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