New Communication Center streamlines communications for startups on Carta

23 August 2023
The Carta Team

Today, Carta is releasing a new tool that allows companies to communicate from the platform with anyone they choose —even recipients who aren’t on their cap table. The tool allows founders to segment communications to different groups of recipients—for example, prospective investors rather than current investors. 

Using Carta’s Communication Center, companies can also use several enhanced features:

  • Send company updates and track which recipients have read the update

  • Send a pitch deck and see which pages a prospect has reviewed 

  • Format updates and pitch decks using templates that promote best practices

  • Have secure two-way private communications

  • Analyze engagement across all communications in preparation for fundraising

“Fundraising, and the communication and relationship-nurturing that happens before the actual fundraising, should be a process for founders,” says Keyvan Firouzi, director of growth product at Carta. “Sending monthly company updates, communicating goals, and hitting prospects regularly builds the kind of reputation that a founder needs to turn passive supporters into active investors. The Carta Communication Center has all the functionality that a founder needs to communicate with their stakeholders, and it’s especially geared to set early-stage founders up for financing success.” 

The new Communication Center will be available for free in Carta’s Founder Studio for founders who have yet to start their company, and in all corporation cap table solutions. This tool will also replace the old Investor Update tool (while pulling in all the data related to the Investor Update tool as part of the deprecation).

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