Carta is ISO 27001 certified

Carta is ISO 27001 certified

Author: Gregory White
Read time:  1 minute
Published date:  16 May 2019
At Carta, we're continually taking more measures to better protect our customers' information. That's why we became ISO 27001 certified this month.

As we continue to grow our ownership network, we’re taking more measures to better protect our customers’ information. That’s why we became ISO 27001 certified this month.

This means we meet a high security standard and have:

  • Developed and implemented a rigorous security system

  • Built a robust risk management program

  • Put systems in place to mitigate the impact of any data breaches

  • Been independently assessed to an international standard based on industry best practices

How does Carta keep data secure?

Our ISO 27001 certification is basically a representation of all the ways we secure data, including:

  • Using tools like CloudFlare and Cisco Meraki to protect against cyberattacks

  • Encrypting sensitive data like tax IDs and passwords

  • Undergoing regular independent security audits

  • Allowing users to secure their Carta accounts via two-factor authentication

  • Filing as an SEC-registered transfer agent

  • Inviting top security researchers to try to find vulnerabilities on our platform

In short, we take security seriously. We’re proud to be held to the same security standards as companies like Google and Amazon. Learn more about our security procedures here.

Greg is an Information Security Manager. He's worked in DevOps/SRE most of his career before building Carta's Security Team.