Introducing Carta Incorporation Resources

February 1, 2022
Dan Hightower

In a perfect world, founders should be able to move fast, without worrying they’ve made costly decisions that they don’t know about. That’s why we’re releasing Carta Incorporation Resources, the simplest path to learning how best to incorporate, the very first time.

For many founders, deciding when and how to legally incorporate their startup is one of the earliest decisions they’ll make—and one of the toughest. When founders make avoidable mistakes while incorporating, the consequences can be painful and expensive to fix later. 

Some of the most common questions we hear from founders:

    • When’s the right time to legally incorporate?
    • How do I know which way to incorporate? Is an LLC or a C-corp best for my business?
    • How can I find a law firm that specializes in situations like mine? And when do I need legal help?

A free, guided incorporation tool for founders

If you’re unsure about the best approach to incorporating your company, Carta Incorporation Resources provides an easy question-and-answer flow that learns about your specific situation and recommends the best potential incorporation approaches to help save you time and money.

This includes vetted suggestions for incorporation vendors and law firms, so that you can quickly find the right help for your legal needs from experts you can rely on.

Know which vendors and law firms to trust

There are plenty of online solutions that promise to get you incorporated fast. While simple, these solutions may not be built with your specific business case in mind. This can lead you to make critical mistakes early on, and could cost you down the line.

Carta’s recommended providers form companies to establish a foundation for future scale, such as the introduction of employee stock plans or venture financing. 

Throughout the process of using Carta Incorporation Resources, each question you answer is supported by helpful explainers, so that you don’t just understand what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it.

You can use the tool as many times as you need, and try out different answers to see how they’ll impact your incorporation strategy. In the end, you’ll be able to more confidently decide whether to form your company as a C-corp or LLC. You can get started instantly with an incorporation vendor, or a law firm you can trust to set you up the right way.

We’re only getting started

In 2022, Carta is beta testing a collection of new tools to help founders navigate these early decisions with ease and confidence.

In the months to come, we’ll be releasing all kinds of new tools to help entrepreneurs navigate their earliest moments—from managing founder-related tasks to hiring your first employees to raising your first round of funding.

We’d love your feedback as we work to make founding a company—and pursuing your dream—easier than ever.

Click here to get started with Carta Incorporation Resources.
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