VC 101 video series makes understanding venture capital funds simple for new and aspiring fund managers

VC 101 video series makes understanding venture capital funds simple for new and aspiring fund managers

Author: The Carta Team
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Published date:  May 22, 2023
Updated date:  September 20, 2023
Carta’s free VC 101 video series teaches new venture capital fund managers the basics of VC, including fund structures and regulatory requirements.

Today, Carta released Venture Capital (VC) 101—a free seven-part video series designed to help aspiring VC fund managers learn the ins and outs of fund formation, fund structures, regulatory compliance requirements, and more.  

“We want to equip fund managers with the information they need to succeed in venture,” said Megan Greer, head of venture capital delivery at Carta. “This series will help managers with the ‘hard stuff’ and discrete ‘how-tos’ so they can navigate venture, avoid costly mistakes, and really get a thorough grasp of complicated industry terminology.” 

VC 101 is available online now, for free. The series covers the following: 

  • What’s a venture capital fund and how does it work?

  • An overview of the venture capital industry

  • How VC funds are structured

  • Limited partnerships and management companies

  • A three-part series on VC regulations 

“There is a lot about venture capital that is acquired via an extensive apprenticeship model and without formal guidance. VC 101 is changing that,” said Ariana Thacker, founding partner at Conscience VC. “This resource aims to help aspiring fund managers learn the fundamentals, which will almost certainly help diversify the field, too.”

VC 101 was developed in part by seasoned venture capital attorneys. It is a follow-up to Carta’s widely shared Equity 101 and Cap Table 101. The two series have been viewed by over a quarter of a million people and continue to be shared widely in the venture community.

“What an epic course! If only I had come across it when I first started on my venture capital journey,” said Brian Hollins, managing partner at Collide Capital. “It would have spared me countless hours of research and immense effort trying to get a clear answer.”

Investors can access the VC 101 video series here. Follow Carta on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates and helpful ongoing education for founders and investors.

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