Scenario Modeling

Know the impact of your financing

Model and compare funding scenarios to see how they affect your company’s dilution, valuation, and ownership.

Pro-level tools for strategic ownership planning

Create accurate models—fast
Generate reliable forecasts in clicks, pulled directly from your cap table.
Analyze multiple outcomes
Understand ownership impact by comparing complex scenarios.
Forecasting for any stage
Leverage a complete modeling suite for SAFEs, priced rounds, and exits.

See the tools in action

Discover how you can model multiple rounds and exit scenarios directly from one platform.

Raising a round? Access the world’s most powerful suite of fundraising tools.

Know what’s ahead—from fundraising to exits

See the impact of current and future fundraising rounds in seconds.

UI of graph and summary of shares

Protect your ownership and understand the impact of SAFEs and convertible notes on your next priced round, with a tool built specifically for early-stage founders.

UI of ownership percentage in priced round with button to compare m

Your current fundraise is just the beginning. Easily model multiple rounds at once, and see how each new funding scenario will affect your company’s ownership.

UI of fundraising summary with round modeling

The first step of every financing round is the pro forma, a future projected version of your cap table. Skip the spreadsheet and save time getting deal ready by creating an automated, accurate pro forma in minutes.

UI of payouts with proceeds and metrics by share classes

Quickly generate detailed waterfall models, from breakpoint analysis to payout modeling by share class, to prepare your company for all possible exit scenarios.

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What is scenario modeling?

Scenario modeling is a technique for analyzing and evaluating potential future outcomes or scenarios based on different variables, assumptions, and inputs by creating models representing possible situations.

Why should I use Carta for scenario modeling?

Understanding dilution is critical, especially at the earliest stages of your company formation. Access tools to help you plan for your future, protect your ownership from your very first fundraise to planning your exit while saving time by not needing to create these models from scratch.

Do I need to be on Carta to use scenario modeling tools?

Yes, you need to have a Carta account to access this product. Learn more about our pricing and plans here .

My company is at a very early stage, can Carta help my startup?

Yes. If you're a company with under 25 employees and have raised up to $1 million, you can sign up for Carta Launch and access a full suite of fundraising tools including SAFE Modeling — for free .

What else does Carta offer to assist with fundraising?

Access a powerful suite of fundraising tools, industry data, and experts for everything from issuing SAFEs to receiving funds. Learn more on how you can prepare, raise, and close with one platform here .