1stdibs Tender Offer: “Carta did everything”

1stdibs Tender Offer: “Carta did everything”

Author: Steven Kakowski
Read time:  1 minute
Published date:  December 5, 2017
1stdibs, the world's largest online luxury marketplace for one-of-a-kind high-end items, utilized Carta for their recent tender offer.

Earlier in 2017, 1stdibs ran its tender offer through the Carta platform. In the video below, members of 1stdibs’ finance team discuss how seamless the tender was.

1stdibs highlights our platform’s ability to reconcile a cap table with over 300 stakeholders accurately, and Carta’s role as a partner in the tender process. During the tender, Carta employees went on-site for multiple meetings and presentations to help educate 1stdibs employees about the complex transaction. Our on-line support was also instrumental in providing their equity owners with a best-in-class liquidity experience.

Watch the video to find out how “Carta did everything.”

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