Q3 investors product update

Q3 investors product update

Author: Vrushali Paunikar
Read time:  4 minutes
Published date:  October 14, 2020
At Carta, we work hard to innovate and improve our products for our customers. Here are some of the updates we've made to our investors product in Q3 of 2020.

At Carta, we’re always searching for ways to improve our products and services. We work hard to ensure our customers have an excellent experience by combining our best-in-class technology with superior service.

In Q3, our team of product managers, engineers, and designers focused on building the Carta general ledger, SPV formations, improving the LP experience, and making capital call lines of credit even better. 

Automating accounting, reporting, and other repetitive tasks allows your fund admin team to spend more time helping you reach your fund’s strategic goals. 

Carta general ledger

The Carta general ledger uses event-based accounting to give your fund administration team more time to focus on providing you with the best service. 

The general ledger (GL) eliminates dual entry and repetitive tasks for your fund administration team.

Before building our proprietary GL, Carta relied on third party software to help track fund transactions. This strategy helped get our fund administration business off the ground, and we are excited to execute and improve on this further. 

The general ledger integrates with current Carta tools without any manual intervention from your fund administrator. All journal entries are automatically created when your fund calls or distributes capital, which reduces dual entry. With the introduction of the general ledger, all your accounting data on Carta is more automated and interconnected on the backend, making it even easier for your fund administrators to create routine documents and reporting quickly and accurately. 

Here’s an overview on how we think about event-based accounting:


Learn how event-based accounting works on Carta:


With the Carta general ledger, creating financial reports is easy. With all your financial data automatically uploaded on the general ledger, it just takes a few steps to generate a financial report for any time period. Check it out here: 


Q3 investors product update

Streamlined formation and closing

Forming a SPV is a breeze when you create it with Carta. We help you customize your legal docs, form an entity, find a registered agent, and open a bank account for you. When it’s time to wrap your SPV up, we’ll take care of all the distributions and communications to your investors. 

Easy taxes 

Our SPV product includes tax services. We’ve partnered with SPV tax professionals to handle your K-1s so your taxes happen in-app.

LP experience

What's new with Carta fund administration?

New LP onboarding

Now, when your LPs onboard, they’ll have fewer steps to get started. They won’t have to worry about accepting their fund commitment in order to get their account on Carta. When they sign up, they’ll directly be taken to their portfolio where they can see all their investments. Less steps to onboard your LPs ensures a better experience for them.

In-app wire instructions

LPs can now enter their own wire instructions directly in-app. Fund admins can also trigger an email to LPs reminding them to update their wire instructions, if needed. This gives LPs more flexibility and makes distributions faster. 

Email customization for LPs

You or your fund admin can now customize the email you send to LPs when they have a document to review. You can customize the subject line, header, body, and several dynamic fields. Plus, you can send a preview to yourself to make sure everything looks right before sending it to your LPs. 

This is how you can customize notifications to your LPs:


We’ve also made it easier for you and your LPs to manage your portfolios easily. You’ve probably already accepted securities on Carta and have various fund investments on our platform. With our new portfolio merge feature, you and your LPs will be able to combine different investments into the same portfolio to see a full view of all your investments in the same fund. 

GP experience

Company investments page

The company investments page allows GPs to see all of their investments across their firm at once. This page combines data from the General Ledger and Carta’s network of companies to help GP’s answer some of their most common questions, like how much they’ve invested, what their ownership is, and how each company is performing.


Capital call lines of credit 

How we improved Carta for investors in Q2

Automated loan statements

Loan statements let you review your capital call line of credit transactions and fees in detail. Now, Carta directly syncs with our partner Coastal bank’s system of record to automatically generate loan statements. This reduces manual data entry and helps you get your statements faster.

CCL loan tracking 

We’ve added a backend in-app loan tracking system for your Carta team so they can manage your CCL with ease. It gives the Carta team all the information they need, like facility information, transactions, borrower details, upcoming due dates, and more. We’re making sure we stay on top of your CCL so we can continue to provide best in class loan service. 

Loan management system 

We’ve now directly integrated with the Coastal bank’s loan management system to ensure data integrity and faster loan origination. Automating the origination for capital call lines of credit ensures more accuracy and speed when you’re trying to open a CCL with Carta. 

Streamlined capital calls

We’ve also worked on making capital calls easier for you to execute. It’s extremely easy to do with just a few clicks. Here’s a demo on how our capital call feature works:

We hope these new products and features make your experience on Carta even better. We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or suggestions about our product, reach out to us.

If you haven’t already, check out the full product webinar to see our vision for the future of fund administration and how we’re planning to fix it.

Vrushali Paunikar
Vrushali Paunikar is the Chief Product Officer at Carta, where she leads the team that is responsible for developing new products and advancing existing solutions. Before becoming CPO, Vrushali worked on building the valuation business and helped that business scale to software margins. She then went on to lead Carta's Venture Capital business, taking that business from zero to over $80M in ARR. Before joining Carta, Vrushali served as a product leader at Applied Predictive Technologies, Dynamic Signal, and Rocket Lawyer. She has a Bachelor of Science from Carnegie Mellon University.
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