Carta in Waterloo

Carta in Waterloo

Author: Henry Ward
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Published date:  October 17, 2019
Carta is opening an R&D office in Waterloo, Canada.

On October 15th we hired 51 former Kik employees to open our first office in Canada. We are thrilled to have such a talented team laying the foundation for our Waterloo office. 

Every one of our offices has a unique and serendipitous founding story. While most of our offices have been started by a few exceptional individuals, Waterloo will start with a full team of 51 from day one. 

When we look back on the history of Carta and our offices, we can’t imagine Carta today without them. We started in Palo Alto and quickly opened our San Francisco office which would eventually become our headquarters. We opened Seattle soon after because we needed deep expertise in valuations, engineering, and accounting. With our New York and our Princeton offices we gained access to east coast financial and trading technical talent and experts in venture and private equity accounting. We opened Salt Lake City for the incredible finance, accounting, and sales people and culture. Acquiring PST (Philadelphia Stock Transfer) in Pennsylvania added additional public company transfer agent expertise. And of course our Rio office introduced us to Brazil’s great engineers and support services culture. 

In our short history, every office opening has been an inflection point. Without each office, we would be a different and lesser company. When we look back at this moment we will see another inflection point in our journey.

Why Waterloo

My first trip to the Waterloo office felt like visiting any other Carta office. The team we are getting is mission-driven, talented, ambitious, and kind. On top of that, having their consumer-oriented DNA within Carta will help us build better products for all types of stakeholders. We are lucky to have them join us. 

Waterloo is an ideal new home for Carta. With this office we will be in the center of a thriving tech community and top tier universities—an ecosystem we’re humbled to be a part of for years to come. Waterloo will become our next great R&D center. 

Waterloo, welcome to Carta.

PS – If you are an engineer in the Waterloo area, consider joining Carta. You can reach me directly at

Author: Henry Ward
Henry is the CEO of Carta.