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Henry Ward


Carta Ventures: looking for founders

Introducing Carta Ventures. We have three startup ideas that we think can become important and big companies. We are looking for founding teams to build them.

From our CEO

Next Chapter Program at Carta

In this program we will help employees think about their careers and plan their next steps, whether at Carta or otherwise.

From our CEO

Private stock picking

Why choosing a job is like picking a stock and what employees should look for in a company.

From our CEO

Carta in Waterloo

Carta is opening an R&D office in Waterloo, Canada.

From our CEO

Fund administration is broken

With Carta, VCs can see real-time IRR instead of waiting for quarterly updates, work with our experienced team, and run capital calls and share documents with LPs.

From our CEO

Work @ Carta, get liquidity

Today, Carta is at a scale where we can offer liquidity every 12–18 months. All employees with vested shares are eligible.

Equity education

Broken cap tables

Cap tables are a necessary evil for every startup founder, CEO or CFO. Excel spreadsheets are usually riddled with mistakes. Carta is changing that.

From our CEO

Carta – Ownership Management

As we move beyond the cap table market, we’ve changed our name to Carta. Carta is about creating more owners by mapping and expanding the ownership graph.