Carta is committed to simplifying equity management for LLCs. We’ve built a flexible  platform that supports even the most complex equity structures, making it possible for LLCs big and small to manage ownership, valuations, and distributions. 

Today, we’re introducing an easy way for LLCs to generate fully executed legal agreements when issuing interests on Carta. No more outsourcing agreements for high fees. No more time-intensive manual updates. No more moving between platforms to access agreement records.

The new Agreement Execution functionality means LLC customers can: 

  • Upload custom templates that automatically populate agreements with key data directly from Carta, such as name, units issued, issue date, and vesting plan 

  • Generate a fully executed agreement right on Carta, without requiring  you or your holders to  migrate between multiple platforms for signatures and storage

  • Easily share interest agreements with holders, providing them a single place to review, accept, and store agreements for personal use

  • Save fully executed agreements right on the platform that manages your equity instead of with a third party, giving you easy access to documents for audits 

  • Automatically keep your cap table up to date with every interest issued through Carta, retaining one platform as your single source of truth 

The new Agreement Execution feature can make your work even easier—whether you’re issuing capital interests, profits interests, options, phantom units, or other types of LLC equity, and whether you’re issuing a few interests or thousands.

With this new feature, we streamlined the process for everyone involved in interest issuance—from the equity admins, HR, and finance personnel who manage agreements, to law firms responsible for drafting and populating templates, to interest holders receiving agreements for signature.  

To enable the Agreement Execution feature, Carta LLC customers can head to the Carta app and request a new interest agreement template under Documents > Templates. Once our team helps you set up your template, you can use it to start issuing interests. If you’re new to Carta, request a demo to see the capabilities of our LLC cap table management platform in action.

A simpler way to issue interests

Take a look at how we can help you increase efficiency and accuracy with custom interest agreement templates and the ability to generate fully executed legal agreements, right on Carta. It’s an accessible, audit-ready source of truth  for you and your holders. 

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For existing customers, head to the Carta app and request a new interest agreement template. Our team will help you set up your first template. If you’re new to Carta, request a demo to see the capabilities of our LLC cap table management platform in action.

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