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Venture Capital 101

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Venture Capital 101

Learn the fundamentals of starting a venture capital fund—understand how they’re structured, meet the key players, and learn about the important regulations governing your fundraising and operations.

Key skills you will learn

Industry knowledge

Learn how the venture capital industry works, plus key terms.

Fund creation

Get to know the people, entities, and structures that make up a venture capital fund.

Legal requirements

Take a look into the complex set of regulations and exemptions that you need to know.

Course content

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    What’s a venture capital fund?

    Meet the VC fund—learn what it is, how it’s unique, and the structure that organizes it.
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    The venture capital industry

    Learn about the regulatory definition of a vc fund.
  • VC101_04_TEXTLESS

    How VC funds are structured

    See how management companies, fund entities, and general and limited partners make up a VC firm.
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    Limited partnerships & management companies

    Understand the fund’s limited partnership agreement (LPA) and the role management companies play in VC firms.
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    VC regulations

    Take a very important deep dive into the regulations you need to know to run a VC firm.

From thesis to launch, Carta guides you through every step of starting your fund.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need prior experience for this course?

No prior experience necessary. All you need is a curiosity for venture capital.

Is the course really free?

It sure is. You can also check out our other free courses, Equity 101 and Cap Table 101.

How can I learn more about Carta’s upcoming courses?

Follow us on social media and subscribe for email updates to stay up to date.

How long is this course?

The total length of this course is close to one hour, over seven educational videos.

What will VC 101 cover?

This course will introduce you to venture capital, explain how a fund is structured, and introduce key terms and important regulations.

Ready to start your own VC fund?

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