A conversation on best practices for emerging fund managers

September 30, 2019
Vince Timoney


It’s best to learn from the greats. That’s exactly how Charles Hudson, Managing Partner at Precursor Ventures, approached entering the world of venture capital. He observed the seminal firms—Sequoia, Greylock, Benchmark—and how they operated. Then he turned to angel investing and eventually found his way to SofttechVC (now called Uncork Capital) where he worked for eight years. Charles has been at Precursor Ventures for four years now, and has an incredible breadth of experience and wisdom to share.

If you’re an emerging fund manager, watch the recording from our conversation. These aren’t just best practices, but practical advice from a venture partner who’s been there and is always looking to up his game.

In the interview we cover:

  • Starting a fund as a spin off manager from an established firm

  • Understanding your model and pitching it to LPs

  • Building an LP network and finding the right ones for your fund

  • Timing of raises, check-size, and momentum

  • Building your provider stack: Who to partner with for audit, legal counsel, fund administration, and why?

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