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Category: Data & research

Carta's private markets report Q2 2020

Carta’s Private Markets Report – Q2 2020

Carta’s data provides insight into private equity and venture capital. In our Q2 2020 private markets report, we examine COVID’s impact on private markets.

% of # of convertible securities that are non-debt convertible securities by funding stage

The rise of non-debt convertible securities

We looked at our data to see how non-debt convertible securities like SAFEs and KISSs have performed in the market. Here are our findings.

The guide to advisor shares

Advisors can offer valuable advice when your company is in a formative place. Most startups (especially pre-seed, idea-stage ones) don’t have the cash on hand …

Switching from options to RSUs

A guide (and calculator) to help founders and CFOs know what to consider when switching from options to RSUs.

Q1 2020 Pitchbook-NVCA Venture Monitor

We’ve partnered with Pitchbook and NVCA to provide investors and companies with the data they need to understand the shifting global venture capital market.

The growth of employee equity pools

Recent data indicates that employee option pools may in fact be increasing––albeit slowly.

The current state of employee exercise 2020

Are stock options getting more employee-friendly? We looked at our data and here’s what we found.

Q4 2019 Pitchbook-NVCA Venture Monitor

We are excited to partner with Pitchbook and NVCA to provide the definitive review of the US venture capital ecosystem for 2019.

How dual-class companies and single-class companies compare

We look at how dual-class and single-class share structure affects company valuation and market performance.