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Category: Founder education

What is IRS Form 3921?

If employees exercised incentive stock options (ISOs) last tax year, your company needs to file IRS Form 3921. Companies must file one form per employee, and if they miss the deadline or ignore IRS reminders and fail to file, they could end up paying expensive fines.

What is a 409A valuation?

Learn everything you need to know about section 409A of the internal revenue code. From what is a 409A valuation to 409A methodologies and process.

C-corp vs. LLC: How to choose

Choosing how to incorporate your business can have huge implications down the road. From understanding tax implications to properly setting yourself up for future investment

What “incorporated” means

So you have an incredible idea for a business—or maybe you’ve already taken steps to start one. Do you need an “Inc.” in your company’s