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Category: Partner stories

How Las Olas uses Carta to manage their back office

Nate Vasel, explains how Las Olas used Carta for fund administration and a capital call line of credit.

A peek into the operational side of an innovative fund: M13’s full-service venture engine

We sat down with Brian Carroll, Partner at M13, to learn more about the fund’s community, corporate partnerships, and their star-studded roster of LPs.

How NLVC manages funds and works with LPs in China and the US

A discussion with Jeffrey Lee, Managing Director and CFO of NLVC about what it’s like to successfully manage funds across multiple geographies.

From 15 employees to 750: Lessons from a rapidly growing company

Affirm is a fintech company that has grown from 15 employees to 750 in just seven years. We talked to two of their employees to get their advice for navigating all the challenges that come from working at a fast-growing startup.

Early-stage company advice from a serial entrepreneur

As George Simons has studied and worked with a bunch of companies, he’s seen his fair share of mistakes and is continually using what he’s seen to inform how he runs his company, SoloSuit. Here’s what he says companies should think about in their early stages.

How a Y Combinator founder maintained a cap table that was 50 percent women

A conversation with Mutiny co-founder and CEO, Jaleh Rezaei about fundraising and how she got to a cap table that’s 50% women investors.

artkive logo

How small businesses can become more efficient with their time: A conversation with Jeff Lipp from Artkive

We spoke to Jeff Lipp, cofounder and COO of Artkive, to learn how he spends less time on unnecessary busywork and more time growing the business.


How a clean cap table helps you with an acquisition: Interview with MapAnything’s CFO

During MapAnything’s acquisition in 2019, Carta proved to be a valuable tool that sped along the due diligence process.

How to add unique value as a small VC fund: Lessons from Sinai Ventures

There are more venture capital firms than ever, and the number continues to climb. If you’re starting one of these new VC funds, standing out …