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Category: Partner stories

Tilray’s (regulated) road to IPO: Lessons from one of the first publicly-traded cannabis companies

Tilray is the first Canadian cannabis company to file for an initial public offering on a U.S. stock exchange, raising $153 million at $17 per share. We chatted with Tom about Tilray’s road to IPO, and their decision to choose Carta as a partner on this path.

1stdibs Tender Offer: “Carta did everything”

1stdibs, the world’s largest online luxury marketplace for one-of-a-kind high-end items, utilized Carta for their recent tender offer.

Scoot Networks’ VP of Finance’s journey to the rental business

Sunaina Seelam, the VP of finance at Scoot Networks, talked to Carta about shifting to a rental business after working in the automotive industry.

Inside Cap Tables: When the cap table gets unwieldy

Ross Lerner has worked at a number of startups on the finance team. After dealing with missing documents, he switched to Carta and never looked back.

Financing a non-profit in the startup world

Latoya Botteron sits down with Carta to talk about her role as nonprofit CFO and how it differs from the for profit world.

Negotiating Vendor Terms as a Startup CFO

Carta is cultivating a community of CFOs to share their experiences, challenges and advice. Ken Stumder sits down for a Q&A about his time at Bombfell.

NYC CFO Summit: Secondary Markets Panel

At our second CFO summit in NYC, we held a panel with John Buttrick, Josh Auerbach and Stefan Fischer to discuss the intricacies of secondary markets.

how stock options are taxed

NYC CFO Summit: highlight reel

On June 16th, Carta held a CFO Summit in NYC. The goal is to connect a community of CFOs and to gather insights and distribute advice.

NYC CFO Summit: Kevin Weinman of Mohawk

At our NYC CFO summit, Kevin Weinman of the Mohawk Group discusses about the importance of debt to early stage startups.