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Category: Trends

Carta's private markets report Q2 2020

Carta’s Private Markets Report – Q2 2020

Carta’s data provides insight into private equity and venture capital. In our Q2 2020 private markets report, we examine COVID’s impact on private markets.

Why contractors deserve equity

As gig workers take on more and more of our economy’s essential services, from grocery and food delivery to transportation, it’s vital that we make it possible to extend equity to contractors.

The great pause of 2020

A look at how some routines in the venture capital community might (temporarily) change as a result of COVID-19.

How dual-class companies and single-class companies compare

We look at how dual-class and single-class share structure affects company valuation and market performance.

SaaS company valuations, metrics, and IPOs: An interview with Alex Clayton of Spark Capital

We caught up with former banker and current investor Alex Clayton to ask him some questions about metrics, high valuations, and what it takes for companies to go public.

Starting a women-led fund: An interview with Women 2.0 founder Kate Brodock

We interviewed Kate Brodock, CEO and cofounder of Women 2.0 and founding partner of W, a women-focused fund.

The direct listing nobody is talking about

The iHeartMedia direct listing is different than other direct listings and could have a market-defining impact.


A founder’s guide for picking the right startup law firm

Here are a few things founding teams should keep in mind when looking for the right startup lawyer or firm to partner with.