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Category: Investors

Xenon Partners

How Xenon Partners keeps startups’ doors open

We chatted with Xenon Partners about the current startup landscape, what forces companies to shut down, and how they help struggling companies. 

asc 820

What is ASC 820?

ASC 820 offers guidance on how to value illiquid assets and stands for Accounting Standards Codification 820. Learn more.

How we improved Carta for investors in Q2

At Carta, we’re always searching for ways to improve our products and services. We work hard to ensure our customers have an excellent experience by …

cayman islands

New requirements in the Cayman Islands: what they mean for fund managers around the world

Many VC and PE funds established in the Cayman Islands are subject to new regulations and operational requirements, and must take action by August 2020. Here’s what you need to know.

Why fintechs partner with community banks

As fintech and banking infrastructure has evolved, more and more tech companies are entering the banking space. Companies like Wealthfront, Credit Karma, and Betterment have …

How investors approach fundraising from LPs (free VC fund deck template)

We spoke with Arjun Sethi of Tribe Capital to learn how he approached fundraising from new LPs, as well as building their fundraising deck. Download the free fundraising deck template.

Video: A discussion on VC activity in 2020

I recently joined ​Cameron Stanfil from Pitchbook, Justin Field from NVCA, and ​Katherine Andersen from SVB to discuss fundraising, dealflow, and exit activity based on …

Growth and innovation: a Q&A with Andy Johns of Unusual Ventures

Andy Johns talks about building a venture firm with principles, growth hacking vs. product market fit, and what it’s like to turn from an operator into an investor.

Free calibration tool for valuations

Carta has created a free calibration tool to estimate the changes in your portfolio companies’ values quickly and in bulk. Learn more and try it out.