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Category: Product education

The Carta 409A valuation process

In this post, we fully detail the Carta 409A valuation process from initial request to an audit-defensible final report.

Free calibration tool for valuations

Carta has created a free calibration tool to estimate the changes in your portfolio companies’ values quickly and in bulk. Learn more and try it out.

New, more intuitive LP experience

We’ve made it easier for your LPs to quickly and securely access documents and fund-level performance data.

Enterprise valuations with Carta

With over 15,000 valuations completed, late-stage companies on Carta can be confident that our dedicated, in-house team of analysts will provide exceptional service and audit support when delivering a 409A valuation.

Corporations update Q1 2020

We’re excited to introduce quarterly product roundups, where we’ll go over the latest and greatest updates to the platform.

Get a capital call line of credit in one day

At Carta, we’re now offering capital call lines. Learn more, and see if you’re eligible.

What’s new with Carta fund administration?

This quarter, our product managers and engineers focused on helping your fund administration team do their jobs more efficiently.

Should I share my cap table with my investors?

Why it’s smart to share your cap table with your investors

As your company grows, you will inevitably be faced with a big question: Should you share your cap table with your investors? And if so, how much should you share?


Join Carta Launch-a free version of Carta for early-stage companies

We’re now opening the beta of Carta Launch-a free version of Carta for early-stage companies available through law firms. Learn how you can join today.