Get trusted, accurate 409A valuations—fast

Receive an audit-ready fair market value (FMV) from the industry’s leading provider.

Compliance at every milestone

Access tailored results
Receive accurate 409As customized to your stage, size, and industry.
Streamline your 409A
Unlock faster valuations with your cap table integrated into one system.
Stay audit-ready
Meet IRS and SEC standards with expert support and robust software.

Audit-ready FMVs without the headache

Leverage industry-leading tech, data, and expert support for valuations that help you stay compliant.

UI of valuation dashboard with button to request new valuation

Whether it’s your first 409A, an annual update, or a material event, easily request, manage, and approve valuations—all included with your Carta plan.

409A Valuations UI | Product Page |  "Get accurate results"

Backed by decades of experience from top finance and accounting firms, your dedicated 409A team will leverage proprietary software to deliver an FMV that's accurate and audit-ready.

UI of all valuations status with button shown to call for support and guidance

After your valuation is delivered, expert analysts will work with you to answer any questions about your FMV and provide detailed guidance to help mitigate audit risk.

Trusted with over 15,000 valuations per year

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You have questions, we have resources and answers.
Do I need to be on Carta to get a 409A valuation?

Yes, you need to be onboarded onto Carta to request valuations. Learn more about pricing and plans here .

What do you offer early-stage companies?

Our Flash 409A valuation is designed specially for early-stage companies, you can learn more about here .

For eligible companies, Carta now automatically delivers a new draft 409A report the day your previous FMV expires. You will receive an email notification and you can accept your new FMV directly from your account.

I don’t have a financial background. Why are 409As important?

Before you issue stocks or experience a material event, you will need to request a 409A to establish the fair market value (or FMV) of your company. Learn more here .

How long is my 409A valid?

Valuations are only valid up to 12 months, so if no material events occur within one year of the prior valuation, you should request a new 409A each year. 

With the Grow and Scale pricing plan, you can receive the valuations you need at no additional cost to help keep your company compliant. Learn more here .

How does Carta handle cap table data?

Carta has a robust defense-in-depth strategy to safeguard customers’ data. Learn more here