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Portfolio management & certificate safekeeping

Send Carta your paper certificates for digitizing and safekeeping in our vault, and track your portfolio for free.

  • Certificate safekeeping

    • Certificate safekeeping in our vault
    • Digital certificate conversion
  • Security holdings ledger

    • Reconciliation of paper certificates and inventory report
    • Dashboard with portfolio company information
  • Carta network access

    • Portfolio company cap table access and security acceptance
    • Carta Boardroom access (requires portfolio company is a Boardroom customer)
  • Onboarding and support

    • Implementation onboarding manager
    • Help ensure data is accurate and up to date
  • Sign up free

Upgrade for more features & services

Upgrade to premium for fund administration, portfolio insights and document sharing with your portfolio companies and LPs, ASC 820 valuations, and more.

  • Portfolio insights

    • Portfolio performance dashboard - available on mobile and web
    • Securely request access to portfolio company performance data
  • Fund administration
    • Full-service fund accounting and administration in real-time
    • Cash management and reserve analysis

  • Investor management

    • Issue capital calls and distributions
    • Securely share capital statements, issue financials, and provide tax documents
  • Valuations

    • ASC 820 valuations
    • Team of trusted and experienced valuation professionals
  • Contact sales
Free features

Make Carta the source of truth for your portfolio


Stop storing certificates in your desk drawer

Secure location

Eliminate the risk of certificates being lost or stolen. We hold certificates on your behalf in our fire resistant vault.

Electronic certificate conversion

After you sign up for Carta, an onboarding manager will make it easy for you to send us your certificates. We’ll then digitize your certificates, and ensure your portfolio information is up to date on the Carta platform.


Quickly understand your shares at a glance

Security holdings ledger

Digitized paper certificates and inventory report.

Dashboard with portfolio company information

See all your investments in one centralized dashboard.


Easily accept documents from your portfolio companies

Accept securities and access cap tables

Share and accept securities and documents from your portfolio companies who also use Carta, without leaving the platform.

Streamline board meetings with Carta

When your portfolio companies use Carta Boardroom and you are a board member, it's easy to comment on board materials, see the agenda for your next meeting, and provide board approvals for executive hires, grants, valuations, and board minutes.

Premium features

Focus your time on your investments, not back-office operations.


Track how your portfolio is performing

Securely collect data from your portfolio companies

We help you collect and organize key performance data for each of your portfolio companies, whether or not they use Carta. You’ll then see a comprehensive performance overview for your portfolio.

Analyze your portfolio

Understand your fund and portfolio companies’ performance at a glance from anywhere. Dashboards give you access to real-time data like recurring revenue, EBITDA, margin, and headcount on your phone.


Streamline your operations

Service & technology combined

Our experienced team and Carta’s technology deliver full-service fund accounting and administration, all with real-time data. Maintain your general ledger and other accounting statements, get portfolio analytics including deal IRRs and cash management, distribute quarterly investor reports, and coordinate with third-party tax and payroll providers. Carta finds and corrects errors and becomes your source of truth.

Cash management and reserve analysis

Our experts can help you plan how funds will be allocated so you can manage cash effectively.


A streamlined way to communicate with investors

Investor management

Manage communications with your investors using our secure and encrypted portal. Safely share capital statements, issue financials, and distribute tax documents.

Capital calls and distributions

Issue capital calls and distributions directly through our platform. With Carta, you’re able to better track investors’ capital accounts.


Best-in-class valuations software and service

Work with experienced analysts

Our team of analysts have performed thousands of valuations.

We leverage best-in-class software

Our software eliminates the margin for error and ensures compliance.

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