Carta for Investors

Track your investments in one place.

Manage your entire portfolio from a central dashboard, regardless of whether your companies are on Carta. View cap tables, track KPI metrics, and get real-time financials.

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Portfolio management has never been easier

Portfolio management

We make it simple to track portfolio performance. Leverage real-time reporting and analytics to make smarter investment decisions.

LP management

Manage LPs through Carta. Our platform simplifies issuing capital calls, tracking distributions, and sharing documents.

Valuation services

Our world-class valuation software makes it easy to perform ASC 820 valuations for your entire portfolio.


See why top investment firms use Carta to manage their portfolios

Portfolio management

Finally, a comprehensive view of your entire portfolio

Easy to implement

We build out your entire portfolio so you can manage your online and offline companies in one place, regardless of whether your companies use Carta for cap table managament.

Performance tracking

Understand your fund's performance at a glance. Your dashboards clearly display valuable data like total investment value, investment pace, and cost by sector.

LP management

Communicating with LPs doesn’t need to be a hassle

Member management

Manage communication with limited partners, safely share documents, and provide K-1s through a secure, encrypted portal. Don't waste another minute chasing down LPs over email.

Capital calls

Issue capital calls directly through our platform so you don't have to worry about moving money. With Carta, you always know the status and balance for each limited partner.

Self-service valuations

Now venture firms can leverage our valuations software

Portfolio valuations

Use our best-in-class valuations software to perform ASC 820 valuations for your entire portfolio. Leveraging software eliminates the margin for error and ensures compliance.

Data collection

Regardless of whether they are on Carta, we help you collect and organize KPI data for each of your portfolio companies to provide a comprehensive performance overview for your entire portfolio.

Safe keeping

So you can stop dealing with outdated paper certificates

Electronic certificate conversion

For portfolio companies still issuing paper stock certificates, we convert them to electronic certificates and upload everything into Carta. Now you can see all your investments in one place.

Secure location

All paper certificates are stored securely in a temperature controlled, earthquake and fire-resistant vault.

Feature index

Real-time investment management tools

With Carta, you can manage investments and investors all in one place.

Co-investor analysis

Gain insights into your most important investments and co-investors.

Close a round

Portfolio companies can circulate closing documents, collect signatures, and receive your funds.

Switch between funds

All your funds are organized in one place, making it easy to access information.

Cap table access

View your portfolio company cap tables and accept electronic securities on Carta.

Waterfall modeling

Export templates to model waterfall scenarios, pro-formas, and more.

Capital calls

Organize and execute capital calls to your LPs and funds through the Carta platform.

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