Capital Call Line of credit

Fast, easy capital call lines
for a single price

With a line of credit, your firm can call capital at a regular cadence and help your LPs plan for liquidity more effectively. Carta has partnered with Coastal Community Bank, member FDIC, to offer these loans. Coastal will be your lender.

Why Carta?

Get capital faster and more easily

One price

PRIME minus 0.75%, plus a $2,000 subscription fee per $1M borrowed, and a $3,000 line closing fee¹

One place

Complete the loan application, review and accept terms and price, and sign—all in one seamless platform.

One provider

Bundle fund administration and capital call loan providers to make your back office more efficient

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Streamlined loan process

Clear and predictable pricing

The annual subscription fee covers servicing costs like same-day fund transfer, account statements, white glove customer service and our proprietary software. Carta is not in the business of making money from interest. You get capital at cost.

No back and forth on legal terms

Our standard terms and one price are straightforward and transparent. All customers get our best offer without a preference for size, name-recognition, or connections.


Track your loan and take action in-app

Insert an advance or payback in-product

See an overview of loans across your funds, including outstanding balance, available credit, interest balance, and due date for each loan.

Always up-to-date loan information

Double click on each loan to see your interest rate, borrowing base, active and historical advances, transaction history, and more.
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Read the terms

Get access to our standard Loan and Security Agreement (LSA), our terms explainer, a detailed overview of the loan process, and a deep dive into our pricing philosophy.

¹ Closing fee is per loan, fee is waived for renewals.

DISCLOSURE: This communication is made on behalf of Carta Financial Technologies, LLC (“Carta Financial”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of eShares, Inc., dba Carta, Inc. and is for informational purposes only. Carta Financial is not providing legal, financial, accounting or tax advice or any other professional advice or service. Neither Carta, Inc. nor Carta Financial assumes any liability for reliance on the information provided herein. This communication is not intended as a recommendation, offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security.

Carta Financial’s obligation to provide a capital call line of credit to you will be subject to customary conditions, including but not limited to Carta Financial’s satisfactory completion of due diligence on you, your general partner and your LPs, there being no material adverse change in your business/financial condition and final, executed loan documents. Also, note that by submitting an application for a capital call line of credit, you will be authorizing Carta Financial to review all information that pertains to you and your partners that you provide to or receive from any Carta Financial affiliate.