Portfolio insights

Get your portfolio company data easily

We’ll collect important financial metrics and cap table data on all your portfolio companies, so you can evaluate investments in one place.

Why Carta?

Keep your portfolio up to date

Track performance

We’ll collect quarterly cap tables, financial metrics, and KPIs from your portfolio companies.

Increase efficiency

Spend less time contacting portfolio companies for data, and more time on running your fund.

Scenario modeling

When your entire portfolio is on Carta, our tools let you model exit scenarios for more investments.

Portfolio insights

Streamlined, efficient data collection

Complete ownership data

With portfolio insights, we’ll collect cap tables and key data from all of your portfolio companies, even if they don’t use Carta. You can then leverage this data to create different scenario models and we’ll use it for your ASC 820 valuation.

Let Carta handle your data collection

Let Carta’s team handle tracking down your portfolio companies’ data so you can work on deals. We’ll collect and standardize portfolio company financials and KPIs so you can quickly find the portfolio company information you need.

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Let us handle your data collection