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Over 17,000 companies and investors rely on Carta’s equity management platform, valuations, and services. We work with every customer to find a price, plan, and solution that fits your needs. Carta pricing is based on stakeholder count, cap table complexity, and plan.

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Free cap table management for recently incorporated startups with up to 25 security holders and up to $1M raised Available for new customers only


Basic equity management and 409A valuations for early-stage startups​


Equity management plus advanced planning and compliance features


A complete equity management solution for late-stage companies​

IPO Ready​

Advanced equity management, with features & services to prepare you for liquidity, M&A, and IPO

Talk to our specialists about a custom plan that meets your support, compliance, tax, and reporting needs.​


What type of valuation do you need?

For C-corps with straightforward equity structures, you need a Standard 409A valuation. For other equity structures, you require a Complex 409A.

As a Carta customer, you can also apply to redeem up to $100,000* in AWS Activate credits with any plan to help scale and grow your business.


Customize your plan

We offer additional features and services that you can add to our 5 standard plans.
Liquidity programs

Run custom tender offer programs, leveraging Carta software and our team of equity experts.

Complex 409A

C-corps with a straightforward equity structure need a Standard 409A valuation. Other equity structures require a Complex 409A. Learn which 409A valuation works for your company.

Robust reports

Look several steps ahead by combining financing round and waterfall modeling.


Determine your price

Products and services

Whether you’ve just incorporated or are about to IPO, we have a plan that’s right for you.

Number of security holders

Our pricing tiers are based on security holders, so we can better serve you as complexity grows.

Cap table complexity

We help companies with many different equity structures, and adjust pricing to reflect your business.

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