Stock-based compensation reporting​

Get expense and disclosure reports in real-time, as mandated by ASC 718. Carta makes it easy to stay audit-ready and GAAP compliant and streamlines all information in one platform.

Why Carta?

GAAP-compliant and audit-ready reports

Integrated with your cap table

With your company’s cap table on Carta, expenses accrue automatically as you issue equity.


Scale your reporting

Stay audit-ready and comply with U.S. GAAP principles as your company grows.


Automated and efficient

Calculate your stock-based compensation expenses quickly and at a fraction of the cost.


Carta ASC 718

Carta ASC 718

Audit-ready expense reporting at your fingertips
Get detailed reports broken out by reward without manual data entry. Export options monthly, quarterly, or annually with just a few clicks.

Scale your financial reporting
As your company grows, your financial reporting gets more and more complex. Carta’s expense reporting supports stock splits, grant re-pricings, and more.

Compliance made easy

GAAP-Compliant and audit ready

GAAP-Compliant and audit ready

Compliance made easy

Keep your company’s finances in good standing

As you begin working with auditors, automated stock-based expense reporting can help your company stay ready for audits and comply with U.S. GAAP principles with less effort. Carta provides clean, convenient expense accounting before an audit.

What is ASC 718

What is ASC 718?

What is ASC 718?

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Learn more about what ASC 718 entails, and when you should start expensing employee options.

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