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SAFEs, automated on Carta

Model your round, generate and track your SAFEs, streamline communication, and automate cap table updates. Get started for free with Carta Launch.


Why Carta

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Generate new SAFEs

With SAFEs on Carta, you can generate new SAFEs with the terms you want and manage the process end-to-end on one seamless platform.


Save time

Generate and send your SAFEs in minutes. SAFEs on Carta eliminates manual work by automatically updating your cap table.


Track and organize SAFEs

Store all SAFE documents within Carta, find what you’re looking for with SAFEs history, and track the status of each round in one easy view.

SAFEs and convertible notes

Free Calculator

Free Calculator

SAFE and convertible note calculator

Model the potential future impact of notes and SAFEs before fundraising.

Get started with Launch
Carta Launch is a free plan that allows companies with 25 or fewer stakeholders and up to $1M raised to maintain an accurate cap table that updates with every transaction.