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Carta Tax Advisory

Get help navigating
tax and equity questions

You’ve offered equity to your employees — make sure they understand the tax implications of stock ownership.

Tax Advisory at a Glance

We’ll take care of equity education so you can focus on growing your business

Our tax advisors walk your team through everything they need to know about the tax implications of holding equity — saving you time and protecting you against liability.

Equity deep-dives

We provide tailored educational content to help your employees make informed decisions about their equity awards.

Exercise planning

Our team helps employees understand potential risks and tax considerations for exercising at different stages of company growth.

Tax strategies

We cover tax strategies that help employees optimize their equity ownership, including capital gains and AMT planning.

How it Works

Comprehensive education and support for every employee


Quarterly education sessions

Give new hires and existing employees the opportunity to ask our tax experts their burning questions about equity and taxes.

Equity & Tax Planning by Carta 1
Equity & Tax Planning by Carta 2


1-on-1 tax guidance

Offer unlimited 1:1 time with a dedicated tax advisor who can provide confidential and unbiased advice, at no cost to your employees.

Timely Education

Guidance during growth milestones

Carta advisors hold employee education sessions around milestones including: new 409A valuations, fundraising, and tender offers.

Equity & Tax Planning by Carta 3


Eliminate equity and tax blindspots

Equity is a powerful component of compensation — but only if employees understand its true value. Show your team the value of their hard work and why equity matters.

Graphic depiction of taxes
Taxes on stocks

What you need to know

Tax forms and money
Equity 101

Equity 101 Part 3: How stock options are taxed

Gift and Estate Tax
Employee resources

Introducing tax and estate planning valuations by Carta