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Focus on growing your business and let Carta handle the rest

Carta has built an in-house team with unique Renewables industry expertise, and the tools you need to succeed, so that you can focus on what you do best: selling products that delight your customers.

Whether you’re raising another round, managing your cap table, attracting and retaining talent or preparing for an IPO, Carta makes it simple to manage equity, stay IRS compliant with audit-ready 409a valuations, and generate the reports you need, all in one place.


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Beyond cap table management

Cap Table Management

Keep your cap table up to date

Easy to manage

Never worry about out-of-date or incorrect spreadsheets. Carta’s cap tables update in real time, so you don’t waste time on manual updates.

Shared access

Share your cap table with your legal team and investors, and set permissions to keep information secure. When you fundraise, need a 409A, have an M&A event, or IPO, no one will have to clean up or prep your cap table — the final version will be in Carta and ready to go.
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Stay IRS compliant

Automated checks

Carta has built-in checks to ensure compliance when issuing equity. Our checks include Rule 701, Rule 144, and the ISO $100K limit.

Get audit-defensible 409As

With your cap table already on Carta, you can save time and money getting a 409A valuations, whether you need them annually or quarterly. We are the leader in 409A valuations and are regularly audited by the “Big 4” accounting firms.


Get the reports you need

Auditor-ready expense accounting

With your cap table on Carta, you can pull ASC 718 reports any time. The reports are auditor-ready and include all formulas.

Prep for your next round

Carta gives you a better understanding of how fundraising will impact dilution and payouts. Create round-modeling worksheets, pro-forma cap tables, and detailed waterfall payouts right in our platform.
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