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Raising a round isn’t easy, but you’re not alone. Experience the difference of fundraising with the world’s best tools, industry data, and experts at your fingertips.

Behind every fundraise

Founders are bold, courageous, and innovative — their tools should be, too.
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Benchmark terms and deal sizes, model scenarios, and organize documents.

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Forecast dilution, issue SAFEs, and receive funds.

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Track, manage, finalize documents, and close your round—all on one platform.

Behind every fundraise is a story

Behind every fundraise is a solution

No matter the company, no matter the industry, no matter what stage, every fundraise has a different story and Carta is here to support them all.

SAFE Financings

SAFEs provide flexibility but can be hard to track and account for. Carta helps you generate, issue, track, receive funds, and close SAFEs in a few clicks on one platform, ending with your cap table updated automatically.

Scenario Modeling

Leave no doubt in your fundraise. Our scenario modeling tool shows you how different financing scenarios will impact your company, considering dilution, valuation, and share classes.

Deal Pro Forma

Traditionally done in Excel, these models can become complex and error-prone—costing time and money. This software tool, created in partnership with top VC law firms, automates the process, giving a model in minutes, not hours.

Deal Closing

Before closing a round, there's a lot of admin work to do: chasing signatures, coordinating closing, etc. Carta's Deal Closing software tool streamlines those tasks, offering a seamless process that updates your cap table.

Carta Deal Team

Fundraising is a challenge; bring in the experts. For a fixed fee, Carta will take care of all the administrative parts of your round, compare your term sheet to industry standards, and answer any questions you may have.
More savings, fewer surprises

"It takes money to make money" applies to fundraising, with a fraction of what you've raised used on admin costs.

Carta's fundraising suite cuts these expenses, so you can use the funds raised for your company on your company.

Spend more time building

The process of fundraising takes founders away from their businesses.

Carta reduces manual entry and administrative back-and-forth, giving you the bandwidth to focus on building your company.

Don’t raise a round, raise the bar

While we can’t reduce the “no’s,” Carta can give founders the power of know.

Carta has learned from thousands of rounds to give you real-time market data to help today’s founders make the most of their raise.

Fundraising basics

What should I do before I start fundraising?

If you've determined that fundraising is right for you and your company and you're an early-stage founder, a great place to start is Carta’s Founder Studio .

Here, you'll be able to fast-track your founder's journey by accessing the resources and tools you need to plan a successful round—all for free.

We also regularly offer virtual events and educational resources. For founders seeking more hands-on guidance and personalized advice, you can schedule a complimentary 15-minute call with our Deal Team at They can help you with topics such as the best option pool size for your industry, market terms for your stage or size, or explanations on dilution and how SAFEs convert.

When should I get started with fundraising?

There are plenty of reasons to consider fundraising: you may already have a lot of traction with your end users or customers, you’re going to run out of cash and resources in six months, or you need more support.Knowing when to start the fundraising process can be tricky.
Familiarising yourself with your burn rate will provide another indication of when you should start fundraising. Use our  Burn Rate Calculator  to kickstart the process.

What types of SAFEs can I use on Carta?

Carta supports YC post-money templates and side letters, Carta pre and post-money templates, custom SAFEs, and side letters. Carta can fund your round securely within the platform, so you don't need to send or coordinate transfers manually. Learn more about SAFEs .

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