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The leader in 409A valuations.

Since acquiring Silicon Valley Bank Analytics in September of 2017, Carta has 50+ valuation analysts and has completed 5,500+ valuations.

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More than 5,500 companies trust our 409A
409A Valuations

Carta is the leading provider of 409A valuations

Stay under safe harbor year-round

Get your initial 409A valuation within 15 to 20 business days of submitting your request. If you raise a round of funding or undergo a material event, we’ll deliver a new 409A valuation to keep you compliant.

Industry experts with modern technology

Our valuations team has built the leading software tools for valuing private companies. With your cap table already on Carta, there is zero margin for human error.


Carta acquires Silicon Valley Bank Analytics

Carta, the leading provider of 409As, recently acquired Silicon Valley Bank Analytics, the second-largest 409A provider in the US. Through the acquisition, Jaron Wright, Patrick Harrington, and other enterprise analysts joined the Carta team, bringing decades of additional valuation experience to our team.

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Experts backed by software

The Carta 409A valuation process

A thorough and transparent process

One of the most important aspects of the 409A process is trust. We assign a dedicated analyst to every valuation and use software intelligence and a review committee to ensure all our valuation reports are accurate.

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Experience matters

150+ years of combined experience

Experienced team

Led by Chad Willbur, formerly a director at Andersen Tax, our enterprise valuation team has prior experience from PwC, EY, Silicon Valley Bank Analytics, and more. Collectively they have led thousands of valuations for late-stage private and public companies in a variety of industries.


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