Capdesk product news – May 2022

Capdesk product news – May 2022

Author: Scarlett Pierce
Read time:  1 minute
Published date:  May 1, 2022
Our new employee dashboard, custom vesting schedules and more feature in the May instalment of Capdesk product news.

The latest product news from Capdesk –
May 2022.

Employee dashboard

Explore our brand new employee dashboard, which brings equity ownership to life with clear data visualisation and an enhanced user experience. Now, your employees can see how their grants are progressing, view upcoming milestones in their equity journey and understand the value of their equity awards.

1 Grant distribution (1)

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Custom and pause vesting

You can now customise vesting schedules to suit your needs. Simply create a grant as normal, select ‘register offline amendments’ and then enter the dates, quantity and frequency of each tranche. Easy peasy.

2 Pause vesting

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Bulk grant amendments

You can now record grant cancellations and exercises in bulk, using Capdesk’s new import file. The platform assigns a unique ID to each grant, which you can enter on the important file to record bulk grant amendments. The days of manually amending grants within the platform are gone!

3 Grant amendments

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Bulletin board - May

  • All stakeholders must now be assigned a ‘stakeholder category’ on Capdesk, such as investor, advisor or employee. This allows for better organisation and filtering within Capdesk and in your cap table reports.

  • When exporting a grant overview, you can now select ‘only active’, which excludes all grants lapsed or not yet issued from the report. This allows you to see only the grants active within the specified time frame.


Want to take advantage of any of the features listed here? Simply  submit a request to our Customer Success team today and we’ll talk you through it.


Scarlett Pierce is Carta’s Product Marketing Manager for the UK and Europe. She joined the team in late 2022 when Carta acquired European equity management startup Capdesk. Prior to Capdesk, Scarlett worked as a digital marketer for brands as diverse as the UK Government, Amazon Alexa and Louis Vuitton.