Career Resources

April 11, 2020
The Carta Team

This is a v0 of our Carta Career Center. We’ll continue to update this page and add more resources. We’d love your input! Share feedback or ideas to

Looking for a new role

Sharing your information

Many of our investors share lists of employees from portfolio companies that are looking for new roles with their other portfolio companies. Henry will also share this list with other CEOs that he knows are still hiring. If you’d like to be included in the Carta list of employees that we will send to our venture and startup community, please fill out this form.We’ve included a variety of job boards below, but this is our opportunity to share your information with companies outside of formal job postings. 

Our investors

Many of our venture firms post jobs in their portfolios. Here are many of their job boards or portfolio lists:

Still hiring during COVID-19 lists

There are also a few lists of companies that are still hiring in the current economic climate. Here are a few that we’re aware of. 

Other job boards 

There are other job boards that we know of that are great sources for new roles. Here’s a combined list. 

Preparing for interviews

Interview Questions 1 (First Round Review)

Interview Questions 2 (First Round Review)

Video Interview Advice

First Round Talent War Tips

Networking Resources

Deepening Connections

Making Connections That Count for Introverts

Cutting through the small talk