Why we built Carta Launch: Free fundraising and cap table platform for early-stage founders

Why we built Carta Launch: Free fundraising and cap table platform for early-stage founders

Author: Shubhi Nigam
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Published date:  January 18, 2024
Updated date:  June 11, 2024
Our suite helps with critical aspects of company-building, from incorporation to creating and issuing SAFEs to hiring your first employees.

Being a founder at any stage is hard, and incredibly lonely. 

Everyone talks about the TechCrunch fundraising headlines and high valuations. What no one tells you about is the stress that comes from starting a company. You have to balance building a great product with learning how to market, sell, and fundraise—all while trying to keep your company afloat with barely any funds.

And, most of the time, founders have to figure it all out on their own.

As an ex-founder, I experienced this first hand. That's why I came to Carta. I wanted to build a blueprint for founders that allows them to focus on growing their business and not on compliance, taxes, and their cap table.

Two years later, we’ve done just that with Carta Launch

Empowering early-stage founders with Carta Launch

Carta Launch is our free platform designed specifically to help early-stage founders with  the education, tools, and  support needed to tackle the things no one tells you about building a company.  It includes a suite of fundraising and cap table management tools that help with critical  aspects of company building, from  incorporation to creating and issuing SAFEs to hiring your first employees. 

Carta Launch was made for founders by founders—and it’s exactly what I wish I’d had when I was starting my company.

The tools you need to grow your startup successfully 

The journey from incorporation to your first successful fundraise can  be daunting for founders. Carta Launch supports you every step of the way. 

Setup  your cap table for free and with ease

Create an organized, accurate  record of all ownership of your company in minutes, and manage your cap table for free on Launch, up to 25 stakeholders or $1M in funding.

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Get white glove onboarding for free

Every Launch company gets white glove onboarding support to set up their cap table,  and  ongoing, real-time  support  that they can reach out to at any time.

Get free access to compliance support and tools

Get notified of important deadlines and access to the tools you need to file. Easily prepare and submit your newly mandated corporate transparency act filing and 83(b) election on Launch. 

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Walk into investor meetings with confidence

Get fundraise  modeling tools, realtime deal insights so you can walk into investor meetings confidently.

Issue SAFEs and collect your money fast, for free

Create and share SAFEs in a few clicks, customize terms, and move money through Carta— quickly and without paying any wire bank fees.

Effortlessly issue equity, for free

Grant rights and ownership shares  to employees and advisors and keep them updated.

Join the Carta Launch family

We understand the entrepreneurial path with all its twists and turns. I’ve been there. Carta Launch is our way of smoothing the road for you. Keep dreaming big, founders. With Carta Launch, you're never alone on this journey. Once you've signed up for Carta Launch, check out the Launch onboarding site for a step-by-step guide to get started.

Get free tools to help your fundraise
Carta Launch has the free tools, educational resources, and support you need to go from incorporation to your first round.
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Shubhi Nigam
Author: Shubhi Nigam
Shubhi Nigam is a lead product manager at Carta.