Carta integration with Stripe Atlas helps founders fundraise faster

September 6, 2023
The Carta Team

Carta and Stripe Atlas, a tech-enabled provider of startup formation services, have launched a new integration on Carta to streamline a company’s incorporation workflow so founders can begin fundraising sooner. 

Founders who need to incorporate their company and get a tax ID will be presented with the option to visit Stripe Atlas during signup for Carta Launch. Once the company has been incorporated and founders’ shares have been issued through Stripe Atlas, the integration will allow the company’s cap table to be automatically set up on Carta so founders can get to work.

Carta integration with Stripe Atlas helps founders fundraise faster

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“We’ve always shared the vision of fully automating the Carta setup process for Atlas founders to help them start off on the right foot and achieve greater success as they fundraise and scale,” says Reed McBride, Carta’s head of business development. “I’m incredibly pleased that Carta and Stripe have made this a reality via the Launch API.”

Existing Stripe Atlas users who have already incorporated their startup can also have their cap tables automatically set up on Carta using their company information. During signup for Carta Launch, the API integration gives existing Stripe Atlas users the option to transfer over their cap table information. 

“Startups can now incorporate in a few clicks with Stripe Atlas and will automatically be ready to manage their cap table and fundraise with Carta,” Stripe Atlas product lead Jeff Weinstein says. “We’re excited to deepen our partnership to help founders get started as fast as possible.”

Here’s what to expect:

Ready to fundraise immediately: The new integration between Carta and Stripe Atlas cuts down on the time it takes you to get your startup set up on Carta. Once the company is onboarded to Carta from Atlas, you can start using Carta to send out a SAFE, onboard your first employee or advisor, or model out a future funding round. 

Improved accuracy:Automatically transferring the incorporation data into the cap table cuts down on opportunities for data-entry errors that can sidetrack a startup before it takes off. When you form on Stripe Atlas (shown below), Carta retrieves your company information, tax ID, and initial cap table after Atlas finishes issuing shares.

Carta integration with Stripe Atlas helps founders fundraise faster

Cost savings: Before Carta, you had to hire a paralegal to move incorporation data to the cap table or be forced to do it yourself. Now, using Atlas and Carta together earns you preferential pricing—$100 off the Stripe Atlas fee and 20% off the first year of a Carta paid plan—and we take care of the work for you. 

Since Carta and Stripe Atlas began their partnership four years ago, founders who have joined Carta from Atlas have raised over $1.5 billion and built over $10 billion in market value. 

Interested in learning more about the API that connects Carta and Stripe? Learn more about Carta’s API and partner integrations here.

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