Carta’s HRIS integrations help founders and HR teams save time and reduce errors

October 26, 2023
The Carta Team

Early-stage founders often wear more than one hat–including the one for Chief People Officer. 

If you’re a founder who doubles as head of HR, choosing an equity management platform that can integrate with your human resource information system (HRIS) will help you avoid data-entry errors and hours of clerical labor. 

Carta now integrates with more than 100 HRIS providers. Some of the benefits are immediate—and others pay off big down the line: 

Automatic updates to increase accuracy: Our HRIS integrations sync your payroll data, employee tax ID, job titles, and more on Carta. These automatic updates help prevent errors and eliminate the need for double entry. Employee terminations in your HRIS are also now reflected on Carta, preventing continued vesting for terminated employees.

Easier tax compliance: By integrating employee salary, equity, and location data, you can easily determine tax withholdings for employees in every U.S. state, and around the world, without toggling back and forth between platforms. 

Unlock the power of Carta Total Compensation: If you subscribe to CTC and integrate your HRIS, we analyze your employee data and determine if you’re paying employees market rates. This will help you make sure you’re always paying employees accurately and from overspending or underspending on headcount. 

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