Introducing Carta Carry: the first mobile app for fund administration

Introducing Carta Carry: the first mobile app for fund administration

Author: Eric Morelli
Read time:  3 minutes
Published date:  June 7, 2023
Carta Carry will help you save time, increase transparency with your fund administration team, and ensure accuracy across fund operations.

It’s 2023, but managing a fund can sometimes make you feel like you’re stuck in 1999. That’s why we launched Carta Carry: the first mobile app for running a venture fund. With the Carta Carry app, you can now initiate fund administration tasks on the go—and track their progress to completion.

Carta Carry will help you save time, increase transparency with your fund administration team, and ensure accuracy across fund operations.

Here are some of the app’s top features:

Task tracker 

With the Carta Carry task tracker, you can now see real-time status updates on capital calls, wires, expenses, management fees, and financials. You’ll never have to stress about not knowing the status of a wire, or need to email your fund administrator for an update on an urgent capital call.

How it works 

The task tracker works just like delivery confirmation for an important package: It allows you to monitor step-by-step progress for all tasks underway. 

Carta Carry - Task tracker interface

After navigating to your requests tab, you’ll be able to see details for each task, including the status of the task and who’s working to move it forward.

After reviewing the details, your work is done. Now you can get back to what’s important: running your fund. 

Push notifications 

A single capital call can generate several email chains—so it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on. Carta Carry delivers status updates by push notification, so you’ll always know when it’s your turn to act.

How it works 

By opting in to push notifications, you’ll be notified any time your fund administrator makes progress on a task, including when they receive the task, when they make progress, when they need you to take action, and when they complete the task. 

Notifications will help you stay-up-to-date with a variety of tasks, including: 

  • Requesting capital calls

  • Sending investment wires 

  • Managing expenses 

  • Approving management fees

  • Reviewing quarterly financials

  • Responding to new messages from your fund administrator  

Carta Carry - Push notification interface

Single-thread communication 

With Carta Carry’s single thread feature, everything you need to know about a task gets stored in a single easy-to-read interface. 

How it works 

If you have a question about a capital call, investment wire, or financial statement, all you have to do is ping the thread for that task. When your fund administrator responds, you’ll see a new notification—no more digging through your inbox or sorting through multiple email threads.

Here’s how it looks: 

Carta Carry - Single-thread communication interface

More time-saving features 

Quick actions menu 

The first thing you’ll see when you open Carta Carry is a quick-actions menu designed for efficiency: With just a few taps, you can initiate a capital call, pay an expense, or start a wire transfer to a portfolio company. 

Structured workflow for capital calls  

On Carta Carry, a structured workflow lets you enter your capital call details just one time, in one place. After submitting, you won’t have to follow up with additional details—or risk a costly typo. 

How it works 

From the home screen menu, just tap “Request capital call”—the app will prompt you for the rest of the details and give you a chance to review them before you hit submit.

Make approvals with a tap

With Carta Carry, you can make approvals on the go, whether you’re commuting to the office, rushing to the airport, or heading to a meeting.

How it works

Whenever a task is ready for review, you’ll get a push notification. Just tap the notification, review the details, and approve for release.

It’s that easy.

Carta Carry - Approval interface

Download Carta Carry

Start managing your fund the way you manage everything else—with your phone. Download Carta Carry for iOS or Android

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Author: Eric Morelli
Eric Morelli is a senior product manager focused on building out Carta’s mobile experiences. Prior to joining Carta, he spent time working in the consumer messaging app space as well as developing AI products for enterprise customers.