Carta Founder Studio: Tools, templates, guides, and calculators for early-stage founders

Carta Founder Studio: Tools, templates, guides, and calculators for early-stage founders

Author: The Carta Team
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Published date:  July 10, 2023
Carta’s Founder Studio puts all our most useful tools, templates, and resources in one place to help early-stage founders build their company from idea to IPO.

Making your first hire, getting your first paying customer, and creating an MVP are some of the most exciting parts of being an early-stage founder. Some of the least exciting—agreeing on a fair equity split with co-founders, drafting legal documents, and tracking your fundraising efforts. 

To help early-stage founders tackle all the less-fun aspects of starting a company, we launched Carta Founder Studio. The Founder Studio is a one-stop shop for new and aspiring founders looking for critical company-building resources, even if the company is not yet incorporated. 

The Carta Founder Studio puts all our most useful tools in one place. It features free resources, including: 

  • Pitch deck sender: A tool that tracks where investors stop reading pitch decks—helping founders to refine and optimize their presentations

  • Co-founder equity split calculator: This calculates how co-founders can split equity

  • Round modeling calculator: Model new preferred financing rounds to see how different terms might affect a company’s capitalization structure

  • Content library: Founders can watch videos and read articles from Carta experts on topics like “How to write an investor update,” “When to raise money for a startup,” and “How to choose investors for your startup.”

  • Step-by-step guide for fundraising: We pair our guide to fundraising with real-time market data for specific industries and financing types

  • Templates: Founders can download templates for critical legal documents, including contractor agreements and non-disclosure agreements

  • Partner discounts: Access exclusive discounts to Carta partner resources, including Brex, AWS, and Stripe 

The Founder Studio is the latest in Carta’s many initiatives to support innovators with the education and resources they need to get their ideas off the ground. Other initiatives include Cap Table 101, Equity 101, and The Founder Journey YouTube series with Carta CEO Henry Ward.  

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